How to accept an order

Sending a drawing from a client by e-mail.

Submit a estimate

Issue an order form

Manufacture in a subcontract factory

Surface and Thermal process

Inspection by Khai Thac

Shipping by air or surface

※A Japanese person in charge serves to estimate and report the status of productions by e-mail.

Subcontract Factory

Subcontract Factory 1

Subcontract Factory 2

Our possessed measurement tools

Name Manufacturer, model Size Unit
Coordinate Measuring Machine Nakamura MFG. EXLON ZIII 453 400×500×300 1
Vernier Mitutoyo, NSK, NSK, Niigata Seiki, Nakamura MFG. 0-700 7
Outer Size Micrometre Mitutoyo 0-125 5
Blade Micrometer Niigata Seiki 0-50 2
Three Point Internal Micrometer Mitutoyo 15-50 2
Cylinder Gauge Mitutoyo 18-100 4
Dial Gauge Mitutoyo, Teclock 0.01-10 5
Depth Gauge Teclock, Niigata Seiki 0-300 3
Height Gauge Mitutoyo 0-300 2
Block Gauge Mitutoyo 0.05-200 2
Screw Guage Sokuhansha various
Granite Surface Plate Uni Seiki 300×450×100 1

Example of Our Productions